Juice Cleanse Experience

All in the spirit of trying new things and exploring how this juicing industry has managed to catch the habits of millions and catapulted into hundred million dollar industry, I started my 1 day juice cleanse. From detox chains, Buda Juice and Greenhouse Juices in every corner of the PATH from grocery stands to pop-up shops within quick serve restaurants to boutique juicing shops, how … Continue reading Juice Cleanse Experience

Final Collection Chapter 6&7: Styling, Presentation & Diffusing

My Runway ideas: There’s been a lot of discussion around conveying the logic, the cohesive concept and story of the collection. Therefore, why not on a large screen right by where the models are coming out onto the runway, show short 15 sec – 30 sec clips of either the creation of the mood board or the digital sketch of the design? Then, let the model wearing that exact piece come out. It would be a direct-to-consumer way of Presenting the ideas of the collection (start with the story board and the rest of the pieces can just videos of the sketch from start to finish). Probably would only need 2 -3 models for the entire show of 20 – 30 story collection. This is tied to the concept I believe of communicating the design process to the end-consumer (if not then at least the fashion buyers). By showcasing more of the story, it could build more understanding, trust, buzz and lastly more memorable aesthetic appeal. Continue reading Final Collection Chapter 6&7: Styling, Presentation & Diffusing

Final Collection Notes Chapter 3-5: Creation and Development

Demystified, the fashion design process from creative research to considering every trim, finish and cut of the garment. With so many considerations and variations to choose from, are the successful designs the byproduct of on-point trend forecasting or a lucky mix of garment design choices? There are so many places for the design to go wrong….
Why don’t brands describe concretely the rationale behind their choices to educate the public? Yes, at the end of the day we can always choose to wear it how we like and for whatever occasion, but designers’ rationales HEARD would perhaps give us better understanding, increase perceived value and quality of the garment as well as broaden the wearer’s use-case for the particular garment. Continue reading Final Collection Notes Chapter 3-5: Creation and Development

Final Collection Notes Chapter 2: Fashion in Time

“To be successful, fashion collections should neither feel tired nor be overly avant-garde. They must be needed and exciting.” Seasons & the effect of pre-collection Cruise and precollections often achieve high volumes of sales, in part because an absence of media reporting allows focus on commercial pieces. This outfit is typical of the commerciality of the Viktor & Rolf cruise 2011 collection, unlike some of … Continue reading Final Collection Notes Chapter 2: Fashion in Time

How to Create Your Final Collection NOTES Chapter 1: Fashion Markets

The 5 fashion markets (from Haute Couture to fast fashion) are broken down by their key characteristics, primarily decomposed into elements of price, quality and prestige. Each market has its own rich history and has lend itself to influence the others / be influence by the others. The development and rise of each market has also had surprising impacts not only on the fashion world but society at large from injecting beauty standards with the rise of Haute Couture to environmental problems created by the prevalence of fast fashion. Business principles are not only embedded in the fashion world but also drive many changes, decisions and movements in it. Continue reading How to Create Your Final Collection NOTES Chapter 1: Fashion Markets

Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont York Hotel

Located in the Library bar, one of several restaurants at the Fairmount Royal York, I was enchanted with an afternoon of scrumptious pastries, heavenly teas and an unexpected historical tour of the hotel. Also, a brief 20 minutes tour that leaves you feeling the history of Toronto if not like you have stepped into a time machine back 70 years. Continue reading Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont York Hotel

Testament of Youth Movie Review

Overly emotional, a movie about romantic losses. What the movie unveils extends beyond just to recount romances and tragic lives cut short by the war. It also helps to engage in deep exploration of major themes such as the futility of war, the equality in loss (on both sides of the battlefield), the blind following of old world values (and their effects) as well as the testament of youth (its surprising properties of stubbornness, adaptability and resilience). Continue reading Testament of Youth Movie Review