DIY: Luxurious Satin Robe

As simple as it is luxurious. This satin robe will take < 3 hours to make from pattern drafting to pressed finish. The robe is suitable for any light weight woven fabric from sheer chiffons and silks to this shiny satin. For a more boho-chic look, feel free to use airy cotton or even non-stretch lace. Materials: ~1.5 yards of fabric, matching polyester thread, regular … Continue reading DIY: Luxurious Satin Robe

Garment Construction: DIY Fabulous over the shoulder Slouchy Dress

For this slouchy short dress start with a simple pattern or draft from another stretchy dress you have. Drafting option: fold your dress in half, put it on a large piece of newsprint paper (or even news paper but use a sharpie so you can see the lines) and grade sides / sleeves up.  You may also want to consider a larger neck opening if … Continue reading Garment Construction: DIY Fabulous over the shoulder Slouchy Dress

Garment Construction: The Bralette

Fun, easy and fast. Most Bralettes would only take ~2.5 hours to make for newbies from cutting the pattern to trimming off thread ends in the final product. As a desirous, sexy lingerie item, without the cumbersome restrictive feeling of underwires, it’s an easy item to wear at home under any outfit or alone. Materials needed: 1 yard long of black lace 3-4 inches wide … Continue reading Garment Construction: The Bralette