Juice Cleanse Experience

All in the spirit of trying new things and exploring how this juicing industry has managed to catch the habits of millions and catapulted into hundred million dollar industry, I started my 1 day juice cleanse. From detox chains, Buda Juice and Greenhouse Juices in every corner of the PATH from grocery stands to pop-up shops within quick serve restaurants to boutique juicing shops, how … Continue reading Juice Cleanse Experience

Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont York Hotel

Located in the Library bar, one of several restaurants at the Fairmount Royal York, I was enchanted with an afternoon of scrumptious pastries, heavenly teas and an unexpected historical tour of the hotel. Also, a brief 20 minutes tour that leaves you feeling the history of Toronto if not like you have stepped into a time machine back 70 years. Continue reading Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont York Hotel

Testament of Youth Movie Review

Overly emotional, a movie about romantic losses. What the movie unveils extends beyond just to recount romances and tragic lives cut short by the war. It also helps to engage in deep exploration of major themes such as the futility of war, the equality in loss (on both sides of the battlefield), the blind following of old world values (and their effects) as well as the testament of youth (its surprising properties of stubbornness, adaptability and resilience). Continue reading Testament of Youth Movie Review